The GO FAIR Foundation (GFF) is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate to set up a certification scheme in the Netherlands. The idea is that specific FAIR Data Points, FAIR (meta)data, FAIR data management plans, and FAIR data stewards can be certified based on criteria.

With the current pandemic outbreak of the corona virus the need for certified VODAN FAIR data points became urgent. A FAIR data point is software that can be used to publish (meta) data in a FAIR manner.With such a specific FDP-certification the user can be sure that the (meta)data is exposed in a FAIR way and that access protocols and privacy regulations are in place.

The VODAN project is a great example of a worldwide, multi-year project whereby scientific data needs to be stored in a FAIR way, in order for researchers to run smart queries and algorithms on structured patient data, without violating privacy rules and without data leaving their place of origin.

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