The GO FAIR Foundation

The GO FAIR FOUNDATION (GFF in short) has been established in February 2018 as a separate legal entity under Dutch law in order to support the GO FAIR principles and metrics, as initially designed and defined by the GO FAIR INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT & COORDINATION OFFICE (GFISCO). For more info on GFISCO and the GO FAIR initiative go to the GO FAIR website!

The intention for GFF as a foundation is to play an important role in the development of the GO FAIR market in an advisory, non-competitive and non-profit way. The main focus for the Foundation will be on performing the role of schema-holder for GO FAIR Certifications. In addition, the Foundation will attempt to foster the FAIR market developments by sharing and inviting market players to actively participate in start-up initiatives.

The GO FAIR Foundation creates value by bridging the gap between GFISCO and the different profit oriented market players. While GFISCO is bound to play a strict market-neutral role and cannot participate in market oriented activities, the Foundation has a more commercial mandate and can actively support early market activities. In the short term, this will mean that the Foundation will play an active role in market development, in GO FAIR Pilot-programs, in pre-validation exercises and in conferences and exercises where there is a strong learning element, like BYOD’s and FAIR hackathons.

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Poortgebouw N-01, Rijnsburgerweg 10

2333 AA LEIDEN, the Netherlands