GFF leads global projects on COVID-19 outbreak

The GO FAIR Foundation (GFF) is currently leading several projects in connection with the pandemic outbreak of the COVID-19, commonly known as the corona virus. These projects target FAIRification of real world COVID-19 (patient) data, thus making the data available for both human and machine. This allows machine-learning algorithms to discover meaningful patterns in this virus outbreak.

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In what way?


GFF will play an important role in the development of the GO FAIR market.


GFF bridges the gap between vision and implementation of the GO FAIR initiative.


GFF plans to support the market with a comprehensive certification program.

GO FAIR Principles

Supports the GO FAIR guiding principles.

GO FAIR Market

Focus on early developments in the international GO FAIR market and assist in creating relatively small stepping-stones for pilot-projects and/or reference implementations.


Supports the market in a non-competitive, non-profit way, valued by the eco-system as a reliable and trusted party to engage in GO FAIR related projects.


Develop a Public-Private-Partnership Program, whereby the focus will be on inviting market-players to invest themselves in products, services and solutions, rather than relying on governmental institutions to subsidize the developments.


Focus on preparing the market for pre-certification, initially via the implementation of a “GO FAIR Readiness program”. This program will be used to serve the fast growing market of FAIR Data and Services.


B. Meerman

Interim Director

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